Darien Lake Competition 2016  
    Miss Cartwright- 6th and 7th Grade Orchestra Director
    email: scartwright@ktufsd.org
    phone: 716-874-8405  x23103 
    7th Grade Orchestra small group lessons begin this week.  
    Ensemble information
    • Orchestra is open to all 5th, 6th, and 7th graders that have studied violin, viola, cello or string bass the previous year. 
    • Lesson availability for beginners varies from year to year. Please speak with Miss Cartwright for availability!
    • String Ensemble is a select group that is put together based on auditions at the beginning of the year. This group meets on Thursdays after school from 3:00 - 4:00.

    *Monaco’s Violin Shop (Amherst) - http://www.monacosviolinshop.com/Home.php

    Sharmusic (online only) - https://www.sharmusic.com/

    Twin Village (Lancaster) - https://twinvillagemusic.net/

    Northtown Music (Cheektowaga) - http://www.northtownmusic.com/

    Music and Arts (Orchard Park) https://stores.musicarts.com/orchard-park-ny

    Matt’s Music (North Tonawanda) - https://www.mattsmusicinc.com/rentals

    Allentown Music (Buffalo, 14207) - https://www.allentownmusic.com/

    The Music Room (Cheektowaga) https://www.musicroombuffalo.com/instrument-rentals

    Paramount Music (Tonawanda) - https://www.paramountmusiccenter.com/

    Limelight Music (Lockport) http://limelitemusic.com/rentals/

    The String House (Rochester) http://www.thestringhouse.com/rentals.asp

    Sullivan’s Violin (Rochester) http://www.sullivanviolins.com/Online-Rental-Request.html

    Wrona’s House of Violins (Lewiston - purchasing only, no rentals) - https://www.wronashouseofviolins.com/

    Southwest Strings (online only - supplies and purchases, no rentals): https://www.swstrings.com/


    Violin and Viola players:

    Due to sanitary reasons, violin and viola rentals no longer come with a shoulder rest, which is a necessary piece of equipment!

    You will need to purchase one separately. There are many different varieties that span anywhere from   $5 - $30+. The music store will probably carry a few options, but you can also purchase one separately online (see the supply list below).



    The following products are just some of the most popular out there, and ones I have used before and trust. Most of the links are to www.sharmusic.com, but many can be found on Amazon, too.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!



    Be sure to order the correct size! Viola Tip: Viola players can use violin shoulder rests up through 14’ inches (12” = ½, 13” = ¾, 14” = 4/4). Once you get to 15” you must buy a shoulder rest specifically for viola. 

    • Sponge
      • Zaret ($3.50)
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Shoulder-Rests/Zaret-Shoulder-Rest.axd
      • PSR (Perfect Shoulder Rest) ($11)
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Shoulder-Rests/PSR-Original-Shoulder-Rest-for-Violin-or-Viola.axd
    • Plastic
      • Everest ($14)
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Shoulder-Rests/Everest-EZ-Violin-Shoulder-Rest.axd
      • Kun ($26)
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Shoulder-Rests/Kun-Original-Violin-Shoulder-Rest-fits-3-4---4-4-size.axd


    • Wire ($12)
      • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Music-Stands-Accessories/Music-Stand-with-Bag.axd
    • Solid ($60)
      • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Music-Stands-Accessories/Manhasset-Music-Stand.axd


    • Bass
      • Xeros ($13) (only if you play while sitting on a stool)
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Endpin-Anchors-Stops/Xeros-Bass-Endpin-Anchor---Short-Model.axd
      • Sure Stop ($7)
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Endpin-Anchors-Stops/Sure-Stop-Bass-Endpin-Stop.axd
    • Cello
      • Xeros ($13)
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Endpin-Anchors-Stops/Xeros-Cello-Endpin-Anchor-in-Black.axd

    TUNERS (chromatic) + METRONOMES:

    • Shar brand (Metro-tuner) ($15)
      • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Metronomes-Tuners/SHAR-Metro-Tuner.axd
    • Shar brand (clip-on tuner) ($8)
      • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Metronomes-Tuners/SHAR-Mini-Clip-On-Tuner.axd
    • Snark (clip-on tuner) ($13)
      •            https://www.amazon.com/Snark-ST-2-Multi-Instrument-Chromatic-Tuner/dp/B01H62TQ68/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=chromatic+tuner&qid=1597086756&sr=8-5                            
    • Korg (has tuner/metronome combo) ($30)
      • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Metronomes-Tuners/Korg-TM-60-Combo-Tuner-Metronome.axd



    • Violin/Viola/Cello
      • Shar mini rosin - dark or light ($2)
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Rosin/SHAR-Mini-Rosin.axd
      • Piastro ($12)
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Rosin/Pirastro-Obligato-Rosin-for-Violin-and-Viola.axd
      • Magic Rosin (makes a great gift!) ($16)
        • https://www.connollymusic.com/magic-rosin
      • Rockin ’Rosin (makes a great gifts) ($13)
        • https://alohatuners.com/products/rockin-rosin
    • Cello (slightly stickier) ($12)
      • Piastro
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Rosin/Pirastro-Cello-Rosin.axd
    • Bass (very sticky)
      • Pops ($10)
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Rosin/Pop-s-Bass-Rosin.axd
      • Carlsson ($14)
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Rosin/Carlsson-Swedish-Bass-Rosin.axd


    Ideally, you should  wipe any rosin off the strings and instrument with a lint-free cloth after each use. Doing this will increase the longevity of your strings and protect the varnish. 

    • Shar brand ($4)
      • https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Cleaner-Polish-Cloths/SHAR-Micropourous-Super-Cleaning-Cloth---Untreated.axd


    If you own your instrument, I recommend replacing the strings once a school year, maximum. Every 2 years would be okay, too.  Strings are something that you don’t want to skimp on too much, if possible. A decent set of strings can drastically improve the tone and quality of your sound!

    • Red Label (budget friendly)
      • Violin set ($16)
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Strings/Violin-Strings/Super-Sensitive-Red-Label-Violin-String-Set---4-4-Size---Medium-Gauge.axd
      • Viola set ($25)
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Strings/Viola-Strings/Super-Sensitive-Red-Label-Viola-String-Set---Full-Size---Medium-Gauge.axd
    • Helicore (budget friendly, great sound)
      • Violin set ($37)
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Strings/Violin-Strings/D-Addario-Helicore-Violin-Set.axd
      • Viola set ($50)
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Strings/Viola-Strings/D-Addario-Helicore-Viola-String-Set-Medium-Gauge-Long-Scale-16-17.axd
    • Dominant (best sound)
      • Violin set ($64)
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Strings/Violin-Strings/Dominant-Custom-Violin-String-Set-with-Ball-End-Gold-Label-E---4-4-size---Medium-Gauge.axd
      • Viola set ($115)
        • https://www.sharmusic.com/Strings/Viola-Strings/Thomastik-Infeld-Dominant-Viola-String-Set---Full-Size---Medium-Gauge.axd
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