• Physical Education Supply List

    In order for your child to be successful in this program we will require the following items.

    • A “Master” combination lock. Other locks tend to break within the school year.
    • A change of PE clothes – these items will remain in the gym locker room   
      • School appropriate play clothes, different from what they wore to school
        We plan to go outside it the temperature is above 50 degrees. Students are expected to dress appropriately.   
    • Sneakers – appropriate for running activities, they must tie securely.  
    • Bathing suit and towel(during swim unit), students are also welcome to bring goggles, water shoes/flip flops, and bathing caps.
     All students are expected to participate fully in all aspects of our program. If your child needs to be excused from a class, a written note from a parent or guardian must be given to the Physical Education teacher.

    Feel free to contact us anytime at 874-8405

    Mrs. Blaszak, Mr. DeCarolis, Mr. Mermigas,  & Ms. Siegel