Mrs. Donn




    F.A.C.S. - Family And Consumer Science


    Top 10 Reasons For Taking FACS Classes:



    1. You learn to balance your budget so you can live responsibly on your own.


    2. You learn how to get along with others! These communication skills may help you get and keep a job.


    3. You learn about human development through observation and working with children.


    4. You learn by doing: preparing food and evaluating it, comparison shopping for clothes, and buying a house.


    5. You learn to apply your math skills in the kitchen as well as in your checkbook.


    6. You learn to be an informed shopper (decision making).


    7. You learn how you can fight constructively (conflict management).


    8. You learn how to choose and make healthy foods.


    9. You learn the fundamentals of relationships – personal, family and career.


    10. You learn how to be a well rounded person who has the skills to live on your own.