Greetings Franklin Middle School families,

    I hope this letter finds your families and loved ones healthy and safe.  We are truly in unprecedented times! As of April 6, 2020 we are entering our 4th marking period and want to take a moment to review our learning expectations for students. 

      • In accordance with the requirements set forth by the New York State Department of Education, students are expected to be provided with continuity of instruction.  Therefore, students are expected to check-in to their classes according to the schedule provided by your team teachers. 
      • Our students will be assessed for the 4th marking period in each subject.  Students will not receive number grades during the extended closure. Instead, all assignments will be assessed in the following ways:
        •  All Assignments: 
          • ‘P’ = Pass (Teacher to include a comment: Exceeds Expectations, Met Expectations)
          • ‘I’ = Incomplete (with an opportunity to make up work)
        • 4th Quarter & End of Year Grade: 
          • ‘P’ = Pass  (Teacher will include one of the following comments: Exceeds Expectations, Met Expectations, Incomplete Work)  
      • Our teachers will use flexibility in assessing student performance. 
      • The majority of work for each subject will be provided weekly by the teacher, with timeframes for completion.
      • In most cases, the work for each class will be a posted activity. Some teachers may choose to use a portion of their time in a live audio/screen sharing only environment. 
      • Teachers are available via email or open office hours. Contact information for all teachers is on our website.
    • Attendance: Teachers will keep record of students participating in their class.
    • Each subject’s learning will likely look different. You should not expect each subject to be the same. Each home learning subject will be designed by the individual teacher.
    • The Code of Conduct remains in effect. We expect students to model proper digital citizenship when connecting with peers and teachers.

    Technology Support:

    Ken-Ton uses a Single Sign-on program called CLEVER. Clever brings most of our applications into one secure portal with a Single Sign-on for everyone in the district. Once signed in, you may access Google Classroom, or other applications to interact with your teacher and learning.

    Need help? Below are links to help guide you.

    We ask that you focus primarily on the safety and health of your family during the remote learning period.   We are in unprecedented times and are aware that many families are facing grave difficulties. Please feel free to email me your child’s counselor if you need any assistance with anything that we can possibly help you with.  Please remain safe!


    Christopher J. Ginestre


    Benjamin Franklin Middle School