• Teachers:Computer

    Mrs. Herr


    Digital Literacy overview:

    5th Grade Computers –  The students will begin by learning how to access their network drive, use the assignment folder and learn how to stay organized on the computer.  Using Microsoft Office they will develop word processing skills, and also use PowerPoint to create a presentation on a topic they have researched. They may also use Publisher to create flyers and design Internet safety posters. Picking a topic of their choice students will create an Animoto (video).  Students are given an assessment to determine how well they have learned the skills in Digital Literacy. Fifth grade Digital Literacy is a 10-week class. 


    6th Grade Computers – Students will continue to keep their network drive organized and explore the Microsoft Office Suite. They will participate in an Entrepreneurship project creating documents in Publisher.  Using PhotoStory3 they will create a presentation about themselves and the many fun activities held at FMS.  Students are assessed at the end of the quarter to determine how well they have learned the skills taught in class.



Last Modified on March 7, 2018