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    Disclosure Statement:

    I am available for students in person during regular school hours and for parents by phone and email Monday-Friday during regular school hours.

    Stacey Farrauto, LMSW

    School Social Worker

    Office: (716) 874-8415 x25117

    Email: sfarrauto@ktufsd.org



    If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health emergency there is support available:

    For immediate emergencies call 911. 

    National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline call or text 988

    For a mental health emergency for those under the age of 18: Spectrum Cares at 882-4357

    For a mental health emergency 18 years of age or older: Crisis Services at 834-3131.  

    For free text support with a Crisis Counselor (available 24/7), text HOME t0 741741

    Please note, our conversations will be kept confidential unless:

    *  You disclose that someone is hurting you

    * You disclose you are hurting yourself

    * You disclose you wish to end your life

    * You disclose you are going to hurt someone else