• leveled books list
    When children are looking for books to read, they ask themselves...
    • the size of the print: Is is too little? Too big? Just right?
    • the words and lines on a page: Are there too many? Too few? Just the right amount?
    • the pictures: Will they help me read the words?
    • repetition: Is a predictable text what I need?
    • the words: Can I read all of them? Most of them? None at all? 

    Also consider...
    • Content: What is my schema for this? What do I know about this topic or story?
    • Schema: What do I know about myself as a reader and the books in the classroom, at home or in the library to help me make a good choice?
    • Motivation: How hard am I willing to work to learn to read this book?
    • Variety: Have I selected more than one type of text and level of difficulty?


    (from Reading with Meaning by Debbie Miller)

    We most often choose from 1G, 2G, 1B, 2B and 1R books in first grade.  

Last Modified on August 15, 2016