• March News

    Our class inferring personality traits and how characters change in a story.  Also, seeing how their motivations shape the story being read.  In writing, we are shifting between answering short answer questions on these subjects and writing opinion pieces.  Spelling, grammar and punctuation are being taught in mini lessons. As always, 2 steps a night (30 mins.) reading five times a week, is beneficial to your students reading growth. Their reading goal is 94 steps this month.

    Social Studies is exploring how people interact with our planet. The students really seem to be enjoying the new Social Studies curriculum. It is very interactive with technology and the students.

    In math, the main focus is fractions. Understanding relationships of fractions to one whole (equivalences), size, greater than a whole and less than a whole. By now students should have mastered 0-9 in multiplication and be well into divison facts.  Please practice if 0-9 math facts if they aren't known.

                Please contact me with any concerns, 874-8410, or email  cmancuso2@ktufsd.org
    Dates: All Wednesdays are "Work out Wednesdays"- wear clothes that allow working out. 
    3/6    Super Hero Day, consider a donation 
    3/13  Sabres Day- wear colors/ apparel.
    3/17  St. Patrick's Day-wear green
    3/18  Parent Teacher Conference, evening
    3/19  Scholastic Book Fair
    3/20  Superintendent's Day
    3/23 P/T Afternoon conferences, early dismissal 12:40


    Stay warm and healthy!


    Ms. Mancuso