How to Help Your Child With Reading
    Parents will often ask how they can help their children when reading at home. Most of us learned how to read by "sounding out" the words. If children stop to sound out too many words, the book may be too hard and not a "just right" book. Stopping to sound out too many words will also interfere with comprehension. Over the years, research has found that many other strategies are more effective when decoding unfamiliar words. I would like to share several strategies that teachers use in Ken-Ton. 
    • Use picture cues
    • Skip the word, read on and go back
    • Reread
    • Use schema (background knowledge)
    • Use known parts (look for "chunks" you know such at "at" in the word "pattern")
    • Make an attempt
    • Check and confirm
    • Ask yourself, "Does it look right?" "Does it sound right?"
    • Ask yourself, "Does it make sense?"

    Thank you for helping your children develop a life-long love of reading.

    How to Help Your Child With Reading
Last Modified on August 15, 2016