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    Lindbergh Elementary School

    SOARS to Greater Heights!

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    It is our commitment at Lindbergh Elementary School to help each child develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for a successful future. This will enable each student to achieve his/her highest potential with regard to academic, social, and cultural growth. Success will be ensured through student, staff, family and community involvement.


    At Lindbergh Elementary School, we recognize that quality requires continuous improvement. Our school is an exciting place: thoughtful, reflective, engaged. It is a place where meaning is made. It is a place that resembles a laboratory, research site, workshop, studio, gallery, theater, and newsroom. The spirit is one of shared inquiry where all members are life-long learners.

    Students thrive in our learner-centered school environment. They develop self-confidence and feel supported in taking risks and thinking independently. They are engaged in initiating and assessing their ideas and products, and developing respect for their own work and the work of others. Good citizenship is consistently practiced.

    Our staff functions as coaches, mentors and guides, helping to develop and cultivate the full range of human intelligences and capabilities. We offer high standards with high levels of support, unique talents, needs, and learning styles. Our success will be ensured through a shared commitment of students, staff, family, and community.

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