owl Welcome to Lindbergh Elementary Library!
    Mrs. Kwietniak, Librarian


    Students may visit the library at any time during the day to check out books.  The circulation period is for two weeks.  
    Books can be renewed for an additional two weeks if necessary. 


    Borrowing privileges:
    Kindergarten: 1 book
    3rd grade: 3 books
    1st grade: 2 books
    4th grade: 4 books
    2nd grade: 2 books


    Lindbergh’s Library has a flexible schedule.  This means teachers may schedule visits for any amount of time to complete projects relating to classroom learning or to be taught a library skills lesson.  During these times, the teacher and librarian work together to help students explore a topic, use print and online resources, and improve their research skills.  Students in grades K-2 have a scheduled weekly visit to the library with their teacher for a lesson.  


    There is no fine for late materials; however students may be asked to pay a fine for lost or damaged books.