•                                                                              Our Classroom Is A Place Where:
    We don't all have to be the same.
    We don't all have to think the same.
    We don't have to act the same.
    We don't have to talk the same.
     We don't have to dress the same.
     We don't all have to believe the same things.
    We have the right to be ourselves.
    We like it that people are different.
    We know that our differernces make us interesting and unique.
    We honor different ways of being, acting, and believing-even when we don't agree with them.
    We do our best to solve problems peacefully.
    We speak up if we see others being treated unfairly.
    We treat each other the way we'd like to be treated.
    We treat each other with respect.
    Welcome to Lindbergh Elementary School !