• Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda UFSD

    Student Dress Code

    Students and parents have the primary responsibility for understanding and upholding acceptable standards for student dress and appearance, and therefore, will give proper attention to personal cleanliness and appropriate dress for school and all school related activities. Teachers, administrators, and other District personnel will exemplify and reinforce acceptable dress standards and assist students in developing an understanding of the standards for appropriate appearance as stated in the Student Dress Code.

    The following standards support a safe and positive learning environment, while minimizing distractions in the school setting. Established by a representative committee of students, parents, teachers, support staff, and administrators they apply to all Kenmore-Tonawanda UFSD students independent of age, grade level, or location.

    • Any article that covers a student’s head, thereby preventing visibility of the student’s face, including but not limited to, hoods and ski masks (excluding religious attire) is prohibited.

    • Any article depicting language, images, or themes that denigrate others on account of race, color, weight, religion, religious practice, ethnic group, national origin, gender/gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, or disability is prohibited.

    • Any article that advertises, displays, or represents themes/symbols related to violence; alcohol or drugs; illegal activities; or drug and alcohol use or abuse, gang related activities, or that are suggestive (of a sexual nature) are prohibited.

    • Controversial symbols or messages that can be reasonably forecast to cause disruption in the school environment and/or to the school’s operation or that are lewd, vulgar or indecent are prohibited.

    • Any article that poses (or may pose) a threat to the health, safety, and wellbeing of others (including but not limited to decorative chains, wallet chains, studded bracelets, belts, and/or jewelry) is prohibited.

    • Any article of clothing or device that interferes with the integrity of an exam or test is prohibited

    • See-through and strapless garments are not to be worn. Modest tanks are appropriate as long as the chest and back areas are covered from the top of the armpit down. Midriffs are to be covered. Exposure of skin between the bottom of the shirt and the top of pants is prohibited.

    • Pants, shorts and skirts are expected to be worn at waist level as they are designed, so that undergarments are completely covered.

    • Pants, shorts, and skirts will be of a modest length. Ripped or cut-up pants that reveal undergarments or show skin in an area between the upper chest and mid-thigh are prohibited.

    • Appropriate soled footwear that does not pose a safety hazard are required to be worn at all times; slippers are prohibited.

    • Outdoor attire (including but not limited to hats, coats, jackets, parkas, gloves, and scarves) will remain in a student’s locker during the school day at all times.

    • For students in grades K-7, backpacks and gym bags will remain in a student’s locker during the school day.

    • The use of backpacks in grades 8-12 require the consideration of the District’s ability for search and seizure (page 39) as well as the health and safety of our students. For example, aisles in classrooms are required to remain clear of backpacks.

    Nothing in this policy will be construed to limit the ability of students to wear clothing that allows them to express their gender Identity, or to discipline students for doing so.

    Students in violation of the Student Dress Code, at the discretion of school officials, will be required to cover, remove, or modify any inappropriate article, and if necessary or practical, replace it with an acceptable article. The determination as to whether or not a student is in violation of any portion of this Code will be at the sole discretion of building administration. Refusal to comply with the requests of school officials, and/or repeated Student Dress Code violations may result in disciplinary action, up to and including out of school suspension.