Mrs. Diane Weil RN (School Nurse)    Mrs. Jennifer Brzyski (Health office Aide)

    E-mail- DWeil@ktufsd.org

    Hours 7:30 am- 3:00 pm                 Phone 874-8404 ext. 2  Fax 874-8480

    • A variety of health services are offered to the FMS students.

    • Please Note that the school nurse can not serve as a substitute for the family doctor. Therefore, a child who is ill or sustained injury at home should not be sent to school for the school nurse to determine if the child is well enough to be in school. The family doctor should be consulted first.

    * Please keep all emergency contact information current on file in the school Office. It is extremely important that we have correct numbers in case of an emergency.

    *Please send in a complete change of clothing for your  child to keep in his/her locker. Include underwear and outerwear to be used in case of emergency or need for change during the school day.

    Requirements for the School Year:

    New York State Requires all incoming 5th, 7th grade  and all new students to have a physical exam. Please send in your child’s current physical exam.

    Required for all 6th graders Tdap vaccine on or before their 11th birthday.

    7th graders must have a meningitis vaccine prior to entrance of that school year.

    Please make sure to contact your Child’s doctor to make sure they are current on their vaccines and physicals