• School Conduct and Discipline


    Part 100 of the Commissioner’s Regulations requires a written policy on school conduct and discipline. The District's policy, known as Project SAVE, was developed locally in consultation with teachers, administrators, other school service professionals, students and parents.

    Policy is reviewed annually for changes as needed. Project SAVE is designed to promote responsible student behavior. Highlights include:

      A bill of rights and responsibilities of students which focuses on positive student behavior, and which shall be publicized and explained to all students on an annual basis.

      A discipline code for student behavior setting forth prohibited student conduct and the range of penalties which may be imposed for violation of such code, which shall be publicized and explained to all students and provided in writing to all parents on an annual basis. Such code shall describe the roles of teachers, administrators, Board of Education members and parents.

      Strategies and procedures for the maintenance and enforcement of public order on school premises in accordance with Section 2801 of the Education Law and accepted principles of due process of law.

      Alternative educational programs appropriate to individual needs.

      Disciplinary measures for violation of the school policies. Such measures shall be appropriate to the seriousness of the offense and, where applicable, to the previous disciplinary record of the student.


    The Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda School District is committed to a drug-free, smoke-free and gun-free environment. This applies to staff as well as students under its Zero Tolerance Policy.
    Examples of items, that if brought to school or to a school sanctioned event or found in your possession while on any school district property (including any fields such as Lincoln Park or Parker Field), at anytime, could result in serious disciplinary action.

    "Air Soft" guns
    Firearms of any kind, including imitations (plastic guns)
    Firecrackers or other fireworks
    Pellet or BB guns
    Knives or sharp implements of any kind
    Martial arts items, like "ninja stars"
    Pepper spray
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Last Modified on December 19, 2017