• Band Resources
    Check Flipgrid every week for your weekly assignment.
    Youtube Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra videos (#PlayonBPO youtube channel)
    Click on the instrument(s) you'd like to view and listen to!
    Cool site with lots of familiar songs written out for you to learn! https://www.musicallthetime.com/index.html
    Assignment 4 - Rhythm 1
    Rhythm 1
    Assignment 7 - Rhythm 2
    Rhythm 2
    Creatures in the Attic (poem)

    I have a little secret
    That I'll no longer keep,
    Explaining lotsof little sounds 
    When everyone's asleep.
    Is that wind I hear outside?
    Or knocking at the door?
    They just may be my fuzzy friends
    Making noise between each snore.
    They start off very quietly
    When all the lights go out;
    They check to make sure no one's watching,
    Then start to dance about.
    Pretty soon they're going crazy!
    A midnight celebration!
    I'm glad they're having so much fun,
    But where's my invitation?
    As soon as dawn approaches,
    They start to settle down;
    Putting all their toys away,
    They cease to make a sound.
    And then we wake up wondering:
    Was it creaking or TV static?
    Others may wonder, but now you know;
    It's just the creatures in the attic.
    Flute music
    Trumpet music
    For anything in your lesson book, please start to use the CD found in the back of the book to listen to and play along with the recordings!
    Don't forget the back of your book has a fingering chart!
    Continue to work on your 6 note scale (and then move on to the full 8 note scale,) hot cross buns from your book, and Creatures in the Attic.
    Flutes: You can still continue to work on Star Spangled Banner if you'd like.
    Everyone: You can always post a video in one of the Flipgrid topics asking for my help on something specific, or just email me with questions and we could work out how to do a video chat and I can help you!
    Other things to do:
    *for any note reading things, make sure you know what clef you read.
    Treble clef = flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, french horn, trumpet
    Bass clef = trombone, baritone
    Note Reading quiz
    (make sure to turn off all clefs you don't know, and set the note range so it only quizzes you on notes you know!)