• Orchestra Resources
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    Youtube Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra videos (#PlayonBPO youtube channel)
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    Violin & cello ("Hallelujah")
    String bass (very funny!!!)
    **Tuning your instrument**
    At this point you are probably noticing your instrument is out of tune. I would really recommend that only an adult try to tune it, so please ask a parent to help you out! Here are a few tuning videos done by colleagues of mine, and a site that will help you identify the proper pitches your strings should sound.
    *If you only really play with your D and A (or bass D and G) strings, then you only really need to focus on tuning those two :)
    Violin, Viola, Cello:
    Tuning upper strings video 1 courtesy of Miss Jay 
    Tuning strings video 2 courtesy of Miss Regan
    (cellos, you can use these ones as well because you will follow the same instructions for fine tuners as the violins and violas need.)
    Tuning BASS courtesy of Mr. Mudd
    You should download this string instrument tuner: Free app called insTuner Free
    Here's a site that will help you identify what each string should sound like: http://www.get-tuned.com/online_tuners.php
    Strings lowest (thickest) to highest (thinnest)
    Violin: G, D, A, E
    Viola: C, G, D, A
    Cello: C, G, D, A
    Bass: E, A, D, G
    Cool site with lots of familiar songs written out for you to learn! https://www.musicallthetime.com/index.html
    Assignment 4 - Rhythm 1
    Rhythm 1
    Assignment 7 - Rhythm 2
    Rhythm 2
    Note reading quiz ...(make sure to turn off all clefs you don't know, and set the note range so it only quizzes you on notes you know!) 
    *For any note reading activities you do, it's important for you to know what clef your instrument reads.
    Violin - treble clef
    Viola - alto clef
    Cello & Bass - bass clef