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    School Procedures

    • To register your child at Ben Franklin Elementary School please call the central registration office at 871-2090. Registrations are by appointment only.
    • If your child will be absent please call the school at 874-8415 before 9:00 am to report the absence - this lets us know that your child is safe.
    • If your child is absent please send in a note upon return explaining the reason for the absence along with the child's name, classroom teacher, and the date(s) of the absence.  If we do not receive a written absence within three days the absence will be coded as unexcused.
    • If your child needs to be released from school early please send in a note with your child stating the date, the time to be released, who will be picking them up, and the reason.  Students may only be signed out from the office. 
    • Door 1 will be open at 8:50 am to allow the students who receive breakfast to enter.  All other students need to report to school between 9:00 - 9:15.  There is no supervision for students before 9:00 am.  If you do need morning care for your child the YMCA holds a before school program right here in the school.  You can call them to register at 874-5051.
    • If your child will attend an after school program please send in a note to your child's teacher stating where and what days he/she will be attending.  If your child will not be attending on a regularly scheduled day please send in a note notifying your child's teacher.  It is the parent's responsibility to inform the day care center if your child will not be attending due to illness, alternate plans, etc.
    • Students who reside .5 miles or greater receive transportation. Positive behavior must be maintained on the bus to ensure the safety of every child. If your child will not be taking the bus we must have permission from you in writing that he/she is permitted to walk home.  It is the parent's responsibility to provide supervision at the bus stop.
    •  A lunch menu is sent home on a monthly basis. All students are eligible to receive a free breakfast and lunch.
    • The district has implemented a student appearance/dress code. (Please refer to the school calendar for a complete outline of the appearance code).
    • Students are prohibited from using cell phones, bringing electronics, and bringing toys to school.
    • All visitors to the school need to come to Door 1, sign in, and obtain a visitor's pass - no exceptions. 
    • Please follow the traffic signs in the school driveway and parking lot.  U-turns are not permitted.  Parking is not permitted on the park side of the driveway at any time.  This is to allow emergency vehicles access into the school in case of an emergency.  The posted speed limit around the school is 20 mph.  Please drive slowly and be aware of the children at all times.  The front loop is for bus traffic only.
    • If you wish to speak to a classroom teacher please leave a message for them.  As soon as they are free they will return the telephone call.
    • For a complete listing of the school district's programs, policies, and procedures please refer to the school calendar.
Last Modified on June 29, 2018