Benjamin Franklin Elementary School was founded in 1954. Student enrollment was approximately 1100 in grades Kindergarten through 6th.

    Following World War II, the Franklin Elementary and Junior High Complex was built. The elementary school was then a K-6 school and the middle school was comprised of grades 7 and 8. In 1980, we became the Franklin Elementary and Middle School complex. At this time, 6th grade moved to middle school. To accommodate population changes, the Franklin complex made yet another shift in 2016 when 5th grade moved to middle school and 8th grade to high school.

    Franklin Elementary is currently a Kindergarten - 4th grade building, since the move of Pre-K to Hamilton in 2023. Benjamin Franklin Elementary has a student enrollment that  is approximately 550 students in grades K through 4th: 

         Kindergarten - 4 sections

         First - 4 sections

         Second - 4 sections

         Third - 4 sections

         Fourth - 4 sections

         K     - 1 section

         K/1 - 1 section

         1/2  -  1 section

         2/3 - 1 section

         3/4 - 2 sections 


    Students at all grade levels are exposed to the district's rigorous curriculum in the areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.  All students in grades kindergarten through fourth receive art, physical education, music, and library. In addition, students in third grade receive recorder instruction and fourth graders are eligible to take instrumental music instruction.  All fourth grade students participate in chorus.


    Franklin Elementary School welcomes students from all different cultures into our building! Franklin has students who speak Arabic, Ukrainian, Nepali, Spanish, Burmese, Mandarin, Bengali, Farsi, French, Albanian and Chinese, to name a few. These students add to the rich culture we provide here at Franklin Elementary School!


    Ben Franklin has many opportunities for students to enhance their learning. Students who qualify may receive services in the gifted and talented program. 


    In addition to classroom teachers, Franklin's staff is comprised of a nurse, two psychologists, a counselor, a social worker, two speech therapists, special education teachers, and academic intervention specialists in reading and math for those students who require their services.  Students who qualify also work with occupational and/or physical therapists.  English language teachers provide services to those students who are just learning the English language.


    We are very lucky at Franklin to have an active PTA.  They plan wonderful events for all of our families to enjoy.  We hope to see you at our monthly meetings which are held here at Franklin (refer to PTA page).

Last Modified on September 5, 2023