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    Birthday Celebrations
         As Ken-Ton works to foster the healthy growth and development of our children, (https://www.ktufsd.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=256), we will have food-free celebrations.  Birthdays (as well as any other holiday) will be celebrated without food.  Please feel free to read below the non-food birthday celebrations that will occur on or near your child's birthday in Team 204.
    The birthday child can
    **Wear a Fun Hat from Home Or School
            AND Choose one of the following...
                   1.Get Five Free Lindbergh Tickets
                 2.Sit At The Teacher's Desk To Work
                   3.Design a Bulletin Board About Yourself To Hang Up In Class
                   4.  Have a special toy/stuffed doll/special item Working With You All Day
                   5.  Write With A Teacher Pen or Marker All Day
                    6.  Pick a story for you or the teacher to read to the class

               Contact me if you have any questions.