• Hello Students and Families!   Welcome.
    I am looking forward to a new and exciting year!
    Welcome to Third Grade!  This is an exciting year full of great reading, interesting writing and thinking! Math will be hands on and explorations encouraged!
    In case you are wondering about me, here is some information: I have two children of my own, a boy and a girl. Families, I know what it's like to help do homework after a full day.
    Their homework will only contain concepts that need reinforcement and practice.  Please see the side bar on this site for helpful information. It is my hope that you will access the great resources on the main school page too. Keep scrolling down the main school site.  They feature  Elementary Math Homework Help which will help you out with math. Once school has started, your son or daughter will be coming home with books to read by themselves or with you. Please help me to encourage a love of reading by supporting your reader at home.
    I am looking for 2 room parents who would like to come in for parties and help arrange for food during holiday parties. The PTA will be sending out forms for this.
    Please contact me before or after school if have any questions about our classroom. Email, call or write in (whatever you need). cmancuso2@ktufsd.org or call the school at 874-8410 from 8:00- to 4:00. My voicemail number is 39150- that works during school and whenever.
    I am looking forward to teaching this year (its been 16 years now!), the wonderful parent support and kids. Please call me with any questions or concerns. 
              Ms. Mancuso
    Ps. See everyone on Curriculum Night, room 216- our classroom presentation is from 6:45-7:15.