• Staying Healthy
    We can help our First Graders stay healthy by...
    • Teaching children to sneeze and cough into their elbows or sleeves.
    • Reminding children not to put their hands and fingers in their mouths, noses, eyes or ears.
    • Encouraging children to wash hands with soap and water frequently. Please insist that your children wash hands upon returning home from school!
    • Keeping children home from school if they have a fever and/or do not feel well. I know this can be hard if you are a working parent but consider putting a plan in place with a family member or friend who can care for your child if you must work.
    • Helping your child get the proper amount of rest and nutrition.
    • Learning about and consider receiving the flu shot and H1N1 shots when they are made available.
    • Reminding your children that although friends share with each other, there is only one thing that we will try hard not to share with friends in our classroom and that is...germs!