• Think Aloud Reading Strategy



    Think-aloud is a technique where a reader says their thoughts out loud as they read either fiction or nonfiction.  Through this process you make what is going on in your mind very obvious. 



    Here’s what you could be thinking about:

    1.      What you notice is important

    Put in your own words “What they’re saying is…”

    2.      Facts and details about:

    ·        Characters

    ·        Topic

    ·        Setting

    ·        Important events

    3.      Questions about the topic

    4.      Make connections: to your own life, within the text, to other events

    5.      Predictions

    6.      Inferences or drawing conclusions

    7.      Opinions-what you think about what happened (An “I think…” statement)

    8.      Reactions-how you feel about what happened

    9.      Unknown words: “I need to go back to reread because there were words I had trouble with.”

    10.  “I didn’t know…” statements

    11.  Ask yourself questions

    12.  Say what you already know about the topic (your background knowledge)