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    Click here for ACT website


    Four parts to the test: math, verbal, science, social studies. 
    There is a writing section as well, which is optional


    Each section is scored separately, with a total composite score of 36




    The cost of the ACT without writing is $46. The cost of the ACT with

    the writing section is $62.50.  Late registration fee is $29.50.


    Dates & deadlines:
                           Test date:                                                      Registration deadline:
                                    October 26, 2019                                           September 27, 2019
                                    December 14, 2019                                        November 8, 2019
                                    February 8, 2020                                            January 10, 2020
                                    April 4, 2020                                                  February 29, 2020
                                    June 13, 2020 (not at KW)                             May 8, 2020 

    Click here for SAT/College Board website



    Three parts to the test: math, critical reading and writing.


    Each section is 800 points, with a total possible score of 2400




    The cost of the SAT without writing is $46.  The cost of the SAT with Writing is $60.
    The late registration fee is $29.
     Dates & deadlines:
                           Test date:                                                           Register by:
                                     October 5, 2019                                                September 6, 2019
                                November 2, 2019                                             October 3, 2019
                                December 7, 2019                                             November 8, 2019 
                                March 14, 2020                                                  February 14, 2020
                                May 2, 2020                                                       April 3, 2020
                                June 6, 2020                                                       May 8, 2020

     To register for either test use the websites listed above

    School code for Kenmore West: 332670
    *If you are a special education student with an I.E.P.,
    you must notify your counselor prior to registering
    for either the SAT or ACT.  
    Your accomodations (extended time, separate location, etc.)
    must be pre-approved bu College Board or ACT before you take either test.*  
    What's the difference between the SAT & ACT?
    Click on link below

    SAT vs. ACT

     Test Prep Information
    SAT & ACT websites
    (see above)
    Ken Ton Community Education SAT Review course
    Instruction provided by All-Pro Tutoring & Test Prep
    Cost $99
    For information & registration, call 874-8500
    Barnes & Nobles and Borders-test prep books
    E.C.C. Test prep course
    Jantzi test prep courses
    Princeton Review
    Atlas Test Prep courses
    Huntington Learning Center
    Trocaire College
    Test Prep, Inc.
    Locations in Williamsville & Orchard Park
    All-Pro Tutoring
    Contact your child's school counselor
    for names of private SAT/ACT tutors.








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