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    Maryrose Laux, RN

    Direct Phone Number - 874-8525
    Fax Phone Number - 874-8527





    The school’s Health Office is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. In addition, all athletic coaches must have both a state coaching certificate and Red Cross First Aid and CPR training for the protection and safety of students. Students who are ill during school should report to the Health Office. The student’s parent/guardian will be contacted and arrangements will be made for the parent to take the student home. Please report all accidents occurring at school to the Health Office as soon as they occur. The District does carry health insurance for students who are participating in school-sponsored activities or events. This is “in-excess” coverage, however, and covers expenses not covered by the parent/guardian’s primary insurance carrier. Cases are determined on an individual basis by the central office. Please contact the school Health Office for additional information or the District Clerk at 874-8400.


    New York State Education Law prohibits school personnel from administering medication to students. We understand that there will be cases when it is necessary to take medication during school hours. At these times, the school nurse can cooperate with the family and the doctor. Please call the nurse for details on dispensing medicine of any kind.


    A note from the parent or guardian is required if a student is to be excused from gym/swim for one day. The note must be specific in stating the reason for the excuse. A note is required from a physician for an absence of more than one day. The note must indicate the reason for the absence and the length of time the student will be out. The school nurse will NOT excuse anyone from gym.


    Physical examinations are required by law in N.Y.S. on all students new to the Ken-Ton Union Free School District (regardless of grade level), as well as 10th grade students. Health forms are sent with each student to be completed by his/her family physician and must be returned to the Health Office as soon as possible. The school physician will provide physicals for required students if they choose not to utilize their family physician.


    Emergency Data Forms are required for all students. We ask that all families list the phone number of a relative or friend that can be contacted in an emergency. A student who is feeling ill must ask permission to go to the nurse's office from a class. The nurse will then attempt to contact a parent or guardian. In the interest of a student's health and safety, a student may not leave school without a parent/guardian and the nurse's permission.

Last Modified on January 3, 2017