• Attendance



    The Attendance Office is located in room 147, right next to door 15. This is where students should bring notes for absences or to be excused early. Parents/guardians who wish to have their students excused early without a note should call or stop in the attendance office. 

    When sending a note, it is helpful if you include the student's first and last name and a daytime phone number where we can contact a parent/guardian with any questions.




    Tardiness To School


    Students who arrive to school after the beginning of first period are considered tardy to school. Students who are tardy must present a written excuse signed by a parent/guardian with a legal reason for the tardiness to be excused without disciplinary consequences.


    Students who arrive later than the first period bell must sign in with the attendant at Door 15 before proceeding to class.






    Absences, Excuses, Truancy


    Students are required to be in school unless personal illness, family emergency, court appearance, college visitation or a road test prevents it. A note from the student’s parent/guardian stating the reason for the absence, the dates of absence and a valid signature is due within three school days of the absence. If a note is not provided within this time, the absence will be considered unexcused.


    Students absent from school for reasons other than those listed above, even if a note is received, are considered unexcused. Make-up work for students who are unexcused is provided only at the discretion of the teacher.


    Students absent from school without the knowledge or consent of their parents are considered truant from school, and will be assigned disciplinary consequences.


    All absences from school – excused, unexcused and truancies alike – will result in students losing class participation credit for the day(s) of the absence. Student grades will be affected by every absence from school.








Last Modified on September 27, 2018