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Fundraiser Pick Up: October 27th in the middle cafeteria from 3:30-8 pm.

A Lunch: Meatball sub, vegetarian beans, oven fries, sliced peaches and milk.

Yearbook Club: meets every Wednesday after school in room 185.  If you are interested in photography and would like to create this year's Franklin yearbook for your classmates, this club is for you!
Recycling Club: meets every Tuesday after school in room 185.
The Sustainable Earth Solutions Club: meets every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This year we have many cool activities planned. If the environment is a strong topic for you than come and see what the Sustainable Earth Solutions Club is all about. For more details please contact Mr. Lueth.

Humane Heroes (formerly SPCA Club):We'll meet the first Wednesday of every month in the library. Next meeting will be October 7th.

Franklin Families:
remember to save your box tops. Please click on the icon for more info Image result for cereal box tops fundraiser