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     Welcome to the School Resource Officer (SRO) web page for Kenmore West High School. The SRO is a police officer with the Town of Tonawanda Police Dept. and is assigned to the school district.




    The concept of having a School Resource Officer (SRO) has been around since the 1950's.  The idea is to place a law enforcement officer in a school for three reasons. 


    1.    The officer is a law enforcement officer. The SRO is there to provide a law enforcement presence by being visible to prevent problems and to be available to handle police related functions, such as crime investigation. The SRO provides a safe learning environment for students and faculty.                           

    2. The Officer is an Educator. By working with classroom teachers and other faculty members the SRO can present information and answer questions on a variety of topics including the law, drugs, safety, crime prevention, violence prevention and community awareness of these issues.

    3. The officer is an advisor.  Police officers can offer advice, mediation and direction to students, parents and faculty in various matters.  As part of this counseling they can also offer direction to other resources in the community.



        School Resource Officers have become a valuable part of the school staff and are an important link between students, the police and the community.  They build a bond between young people and law enforcement that provides understanding from both sides.  Students who feel safe become better learners and better citizens.



      Kenmore West High School SRO

    Officer Matthew Hudson

    (716) 874-8401 x21506

Last Modified on August 6, 2023