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    The KenTon Big Picture Program believes that education is everyone’s business. Learning opportunities are everywhere, not just inside classrooms. Research tells us that we all learn best when we are personally motivated. When we have a passion for what we are doing, knowledge unfolds and evolves naturally.
    A mentor gives each student the opportunity to learn from an adult with a similar interest. The focus on real work in professional settings gives the student’s learning context and depth. Through genuine relationships, mentors teach a work ethic and model what it means to be an adult member of our community.
    - adapted from The Big Picture Mentor Guide, 2004

    Before starting an internship, the student will have a shadow day at the site which allows both the mentor and student to make sure that the situation appears to be a good fit.  If mentor and student both want to move forward, we ask both to commit to an eight-week internship.  Internships generally run from about 9am to 1:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday, but we can certainly be flexible with time to accommodate a mentor's schedule.
    After eight weeks, the intern, mentor, and the intern's advisor meet to decide whether to conclude or continue the internship.  Some interns and mentors have gotten along so wonderfully that the internship has lasted multiple school years!

    If you are interested in offering a Big Picture student the opportunity to shadow or intern at your business/non-profit, please complete this form.
    A student with her mentor at an internship site