•                  Please note: No athlete will be allowed to practice until all paperwork is submitted and the athlete is cleared by the school health office.
    Athletics Health Form  - filled out by physician and submit to nurse

    (This form must be filled out by a the student's healthcare provider (doctor, nurse practitioner, physician's assistant). A sports physical is valid for one year. A student must have a valid sports physical to tryout for any sport.)

    Athletics Health History Form - filled out by parent/guardian and submit to nurse

    (This form must be filled out and signed by a parent/guardian prior to the start of tryouts for a sport. It must be dated within 30 days prior to the tryout.)

    Update Health History Form - filled out by parent/guardian and submit to nurse

    (Use the Update Form when an athlete is participating in another sport after a full Health History Form has already been completed and turned in for that school year. An update is required within 30 days before tryouts for a sport are scheduled to start)

    Code of Conduct & Concussion Protocol - sign and return to coach
    Medical Release Form - fill out and return to coach
    Interscholastic Travel Form - fill out and return to coach
    Please note: Students and Parents can obtain forms at their school or online on the District website under Health Services.  All instructions for the required forms are on the website.  They must come to appt. with a completed and parent signed health history.  If they are middle school students who desire to play up a level, they must have the completed play up forms.  If they wear glasses, they must bring them for vision test.
    Student-Athletes have the option of receiving a sports physical from a private physician or district doctors.  If a private MD will be performing the physical, parents will need the specific district form to take with them to the MD.  The form must be filled out in its entirety and signed by the doctor.  The form is available on the athletic web site under Information for Parents
Last Modified on August 12, 2021