The Ken-TonSchool District provides access to various computerized information resources throughout the district for student use. These include access to electronic mail (“E-Mail”) and the Internet.

    Students and parents will be required to agree and sign this policy prior to receiving a User Name and Password for the system. Violations will result in temporary or permanent loss of computer privileges.

    1. Access to computer networks makes information available to students that is not controlled by the school district.Students are supervised at all times while in computer labs and the library, but it is impossible for the school to screen or review all of the information students may access.

    2. The same standards for student behavior that apply to other student activities will also apply to the use of district computer resources.Students who engage in unacceptable use are subject to school discipline, including losing access privileges to school computers.

    3. All student data files will be treated like school lockers; they remain the property of the Ken-Ton Schools.School administrators may look at student folders, data files and e-mail messages at any time.

    4. Students are not permitted to use school computers without a user name and password on record with the school. In order to obtain a user name and password, each student is required to read and sign a copy of this Acceptable Use Policy.

    Examples of behaviors for which students will be disciplined or lose access to school computers are, among others:

    • Altering system software or placing unapproved software or files (i.e., viruses) anywhere on the school’s network.
    • Using the user name or password of another person.
    • Using school computers to obtain, view, download, send, print, or display unlawful, obscene, pornographic or abusive materials.
    • Using school computers to harass, insult, or attack others.
    • Tampering with terminals, hardware, wiring or other equipment.
    • Changing, copying, renaming, deleting or reading files created by another person without the permission of a teacher.
    • Using school computers for personal or business reasons.
    • Violation of copyright laws.
    • Any other action that threatens the functioning or security of the school’s computer network.


    Printable AUP for student and parent/guardian signatures

Last Modified on July 26, 2023