• If any 8th grader would like to try out for the JV hockey team they must pass the NYSED Athletic Placement Process. The information below has been provided by the Athletic Department to describe the requirements of the new test. 
           The New York State Education Department voted to revise the Selection    Classification Program

    The biggest differences?

     OUT are the broad jump, 1.5 mile run, arm hang and the 50 yd dash.

    The test will now include; sit-ups, shuttle run, 1 mile run, pull-ups,sit & reach (flexibility).

    To pass the Fitness Component, Students must attain 85th percentile (from national norms for their age)in 4 of 5 tests. 
    Click here for the entire packet of information regarding the new Athletic Placement Process.  This packet includes a lot of information including the new tests, descriptions of the tests, , and tanner information.
    Click here to see what standards you will be required to meet on the fitness test.  
    Please read this ENTIRE packet if you are considering playing up.  If you do decide to take the test you MUST bring all of the necessary paperwork/permission slips to the testing site.
Last Modified on August 1, 2017