• Water Safety Instructor Course
    ATH 125
     SUNY Buffalo
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    Safety Training for Swim Coaches
    KenTon Staff Development Center Course
    Spring 2014

    Please have these completed by Sunday March 17 at 10pm.
    1. Watch the following Video Clips- cut and paste them into your browser:
    A. //www.instructorscorner.org/media/resources/Videos/lifeguarding/emergency_action_plans.html 
    B. //www.instructorscorner.org/media/resources/Videos/lifeguarding/caring_for_spinal_injuries_on_land.html 
    C. //www.instructorscorner.org/media/resources/Videos/lifeguarding/head_neck_and_spinal_injuries_in_the_water.html 
    2. Complete the online assessment below based upon your vast knowledge of aquatic safety, experiences as a coach, and using the American Red Cross Safety Training for Swim Coaches Manual:
    Manual- don't print it. It will be updated in the fall of 2013 anyway: 
    There are multiple choice questions and an extended response. This response is the action plan that you would use at your pool in the event of head, neck, and/or back injury. These extended responses will be compiled to establish a comprehensive and sensible action plan that we can all use, at our pools, in the event of an emergency and we are coaching solo. 
     **If the link below doesn't work, cut and paste it into a browser.