Each practice every player has the opportunity to be selected as the practice player of the day, which is awarded at the end of practice. The coaches look for players who are working hard, learning new skills, giving a great effort, having fun, ect. 

    This player gets to sign a football back in the locker room. It is an honor and privilege to sign, as not everybody will be picked, you must earn it. At the end of the season the coaches look at the football and the athlete with their initials on it the most is the practice player of the year and gets to keep the football with their and their teammate’s initials all over it.
    2018 WINNER
    Santo Falsone 

    Former Practice Players of the Year-
    2017   -   
    2016   -   Joe Liska
    2015   -   DeAngelo Walker-Johnson
    2014   -   Danny Brittian 
    2013   -   Seamus Halt 
    2012   -   Terrell Ford 
Last Modified on June 19, 2019