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Kenmore West 'Holiday Shop' Promotes the Spirit of Giving

Kenmore West staff wrap a student's gift at holiday shop during lunch
On three Wednesdays in December, students at Kenmore West High School had a chance to "buy" a gift for a friend or family member using PBIS tickets which they have earned throughout the year for promoting a positive environment and demonstrating excellent character traits in school.
Gifts on table at Holiday Shop   Gifts on table at Holiday Shop
Many students saved up tickets and bought gifts for others at the lunchtime PBIS holiday shop, with staff dressed as elves providing gift wrapping services.
Students in the work study program collected donations from the generous faculty and staff of Kenmore West. This initiative made a wide variety of gift items such as lotions, ornaments, blankets, picture frames, mugs, belts and so much more available to students who might otherwise have been unable to get gifts for their friends, families, and loved ones.
Kenmore West students browse gifts at Holiday Shop
Kenmore West students browse gifts at Holiday Shop