Upon entrance, students must provide proof of immunization as required by New York State. Students who are unable to prove they are fully immunized will be held out of school until proof is received.


    Students new to the district are also required to submit a physical from their doctor or have a school physical as soon as possible.


    9th & 11th GRADE PHYSICALS

    Every student entering 9th & 11th grade is required by New York State to have a physical on file in the health office. The physical may be from your own doctor or from the school doctor or nurse practitioner. 



    New York State Mandates that students in 11 th grade are screened annually for vision and hearing, height.  All male 9th grade students are screened for scoliosis in the health office.

    Parents are notified in writing of cases of apparent deviations from normal in any of the above screenings.



    Staff may provide first aid (initial care) only. This does not include diagnosis and/or treatment or changing dressings on existing wounds.



    Please keep all emergency contact information current and on file in the health office. Students should bring home the emergency information sheet on the first day of school. Please include as much information as possible, work numbers, cell phones, pagers and at least 2 parent substitutes to be contacted if you can not be reached in an emergency. In high school we do at times have severe gym injuries or accidents. We need to have quick access to a parent so you can determine which hospital you would like your child sent to. We cannot get phone numbers from an unconcious child so please be sure your contact information is on file.



    Individual health records are maintained for each child. These include immunizations, physicals, screenings and physical education excuses.