• Visitor Procedures

    Kenmore West High School welcomes school visitors. As a school, the safety and security of students and staff is our most important priority. It is for this reason that all school visitors, during the school day, are required to follow the building visitor procedures included below.
    • All visitors must sign the visitor log located at Door 15, show identification, and provide a reason for visit.
    • All visitors will be issued a numbered visitor pass, which must be displayed at all times while in the building. 
    • All district employees not assigned to Kenmore West High School must display their district photo ID and register with Door 15.
    • Upon completion of the visit, the visitor must return to the Door 15, return the visitor pass, sign out on the visitor log, and exit building through door 15. 

    The school administration reserves the right to deny an individual entry into the school building when there is reason to believe that the individual’s presence would be detrimental to the school operations and the learning environment.
    Visitors are only permitted to visit the following designated locations during school hours:
    • Administrative Offices (Main Office or Room 125) 
    • Attendance Office 
    • Health Office 

    Thank you for your assistance in maintaining a safe and secure learning environment at Kenmore West High School.