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    Kenmore West offers a Wellness Club which provides an opportunity for students to become involved in wellness activities and to contribute to the school's wellness goals. The club meets to do a variety of activities including: Walking, Yoga, Stress Management Techniques, Walking, and Kan jam, to name a few.  The students may also sit on the school and/or wellness committee to help set wellness goals and create opportunities in or school and district.

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    ICE SKATING (including public skates at the Harborcenter!)

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    Fruit and Veggie of the Month
          With the start of a new school year, Ken-Ton UFDS will once again have a featured Fruit and Veggie of the Month.  Each month we will select a fruit and veggie to highlight.  As a part of the program, students will learn about the benefits of the foods in school, have an opportunity to try them as a part of the lunch program and use the recipe on the back of the lunch calendar to make a fun recipe at home.


     Healthy Tip for October:

    Skip the Screen! 
    #1- Make your family’s bedrooms into “no screen zones.” Kids who have TVs in their rooms tend to watch about 1.5 hours more TV per day than those who don’t. Start today and move all of the televisions and computers into your family room or living room.
    #2- Set firm limits for watching TV, playing video games, and using the computer. Many families use the following rules: no video games or computers (except for homework) on school nights; only 2 hours of TV on weekends; and only 14 hours of screen time overall per week.
    #3-Turn off the TV during dinner. Consider that 40% of American families report that they watch TV during the evening meal “always” or “often.” Make better use of that time together to talk about the day and find out what’s happening with your kids. It’s like reality TV, but right at your table!
     #4-   Get active when you do spend time in front of the TV screen. Stretch, practice yoga, walk on a treadmill or lift weights. You might even select a program the whole family can enjoy. Then challenge everyone to see who can do the most knee bends or leg lifts during commercial breaks.
    #5- Don’t use TV time as a reward or punishment. This makes TV seem even more important.

    Conversation Starters:


    How much weekly screen time do your kids feel is reasonable? Help them decide when and how often they should watch TV or use computers.
    Getting Active Tip:
    Get up and change the channel instead of using the remote. Walk outside and do five jumping jacks during commercial breaks.
    The above is an excerpt from: 
     Action for Healthy Kids