Counseling referrals:
       KenTon Family Support Center
       255 Myron Rd. Kenmore, NY 14217
       874-8510     evening hours available, no fee
       Catholic Charities
       3370 Delaware Ave.
       Kenmore, NY   877-8822    family & individual counseling, sliding scale fees
       Central Referral Services
       851-5555    information about all health & human svces. available in WNY
       Crisis Services   available 24 hrs.  834-3131
    see me with specific needs-  many more local agencies are available
    Favorite websites:
       for information about learning disabilities   //ldonline.org
       for information on nonverbal learning disabilities  //nldontheweb.org
       for information on sensory integration  //sinetwork.org
       for examples of behavior report cards  Jim Wright's site under "Behavior Report Card Generator "    //interventioncentral.org 
       for parenting advice, tips about changing schools, helping with homework, bullying and other issues  see National School Psychologists site    //nasponline.org  (Families section)
Last Modified on September 20, 2013