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UB Athlete Kiara Johnson Gives Back to Holmes Students

Holmes students hold up special bags from UB student athlete Kiara Johnson

On February 2nd, Holmes Elementary hosted a very special visitor!

UB women’s basketball player Kiara Johnson, a former Holmes Elementary student, and her teammate Alexis Davis visited the school and brought a few surprises! Students in Megan Angelina’s 4th grade class were surprised by Kiara and Alexis with pizza, drinks, and snacks after they were unable to attend UB’s educational game day earlier in the month. Kiara read the class a story and along with Alexis, answered any questions they had about college life and being a student-athlete.

The players then went to the school’s auditorium where Kiara hosted a special presentation for all 4th grade students, which included her UB scouting video and an important message about the importance of family and teamwork. This is a special topic to Kiara, especially after going through an injury, having a baby, and continuing her studying despite already earning two Masters degrees.

“Kiara is an example of the school’s motto ‘Challenge and Pride’,” said Angelina. “We couldn’t have given the students a better message than that!”

Each kid also got a gym bag with Kiara’s picture on it, that was then signed by Kiara and Alexis. The school plans to invite the UB duo back for Field Day and 4th grade celebration.