Edison Front Doors
  • Thomas Edison was built in 1954 during a time of incredible growth in the Kenmore-Tonawanda School District, under the auspices of Superintendent Carl Baish. The initial K-6 population was approximately 400 students. In 1964 to accommodate the growth in the Town, a new 6-classroom wing was added to the north side of the building increasing capacity to 600 students.

    In the mid-1970's-1980's Tonawanda experienced a loss of population resulting in the closure of several buildings and consolidation of others. The creation of the middle schools removed grade 6 from Edison. During this time, District student population fell nearly 10%. Through these shifts, Edison's population remained constant at approximately 400 students. In the 1990's a push toward early education resulted in the creation of of two Pre-K classrooms in the building, which was now Pre-K - 5.

    Population loss continued into the 2000's as did consolidation. Edison was affected by the closure of Jefferson Elementary in 2013 and Hamilton Elementary in 2016, which resulted in the addition of 200 new students to Edison. Moving 5th grade to the middle school and Pre-K to other sites freed up much needed space. Still, some programs were forced into shared spaces. Today, the aging community around Edison, combined with a favorable real estate market, continues to fuel student population growth. In the last 3 years Edison has seen an increase in student numbers from 590 to 615.

    Under Superintendents Steven Bovino and Sabatino Cimato, a capital project aligned to the population and programs of Edison was planned and approved. Construction of a 6-classroom addition along with the bus loop, single point of entry and curb-cut parking lane began in earnest in the summer of 2002. Completion of inside and outside work and full use of the new facilities is expected in September 2024.

    Below you will see current (early September) pictures of Edison!