• Thomas Jefferson Elementary

    The Thomas Jefferson Mission Statement is unique in that it is a
    VISUAL statement. The banner reads "Meeting the Challenges TOGETHER",
    which really is what Jefferson is all about. The image depicts
    school and community togetherness. The "three steps" in front of
    the school are simple and meaningful:

    Instilling Curiosity
    Appreciating Diversity
    Achieving Excellence

    About the artist:

    This enchanting design was created by Amy Veltri, who has been teaching
    art at Kenmore West High School for 10 years. She is currently
    the Curriculum Learning Specialist for art in Kenmore. Her responsibilities
    include coordinating curriculum efforts for the K-12 art department
    as well as staff development.

    Amy's artwork has captured a sense of vision & simplicity, combined
    with a delightful playfulness, that will leave an indelible mark
    on the history of Thomas Jefferson Elementary School.

Last Modified on April 5, 2006