• It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to Jefferson Elementary School. As the Principal, my focus is always Children First in all areas of their educational careers. The mission of our building is to meet the challenges of all students. Key indicators of our vision are: instilling curiosity in our students, appreciating diversity, encouraging self-directed learning and achieving excellence.


    My personal goal is to know each of the students as individuals. I accomplish that through classroom visits, lunch dates with groups and individuals and conversations throughout the school days. I feel these relationships help the children know that I support their learning and continued success.


    The staff as well as I is continuously furthering our skills and focus of providing instructional strategies which meet the needs of each child. This happens through staff development, grade level team meetings, Looking at Student Work meetings, Instructional Improvement Team and Instructional Support Team.


    In addition, creating strong relationships between home and school is vital to the success of your children. Keeping well informed, volunteering, visiting during lunchtime, looking through the take home folders and agendas nightly are critical components to our partnership.


    Please feel free to call for any concerns or further information.


    Mrs. Wegst