SENIOR Class


              All yearbook submissions are due by the end of January 2024                                                                                                                                                                        


    What do seniors have to submit?

    Seniors must submit the following to the Spectrum staff:

    • one senior portrait*

    • one extra picture (childhood/baby pic)

    • one quote (preferably a quote from a song, famous/noteworthy person, proverb, etc.)
    • a portrait with your graduate and a sibling that also attends Kenmore East

      *If no portrait is submitted, the yearbook staff will use your school ID photo for the yearbook*

    We encourage seniors to submit all of the above items to create a more uniform-looking senior yearbook section. No one wants to see huge gaps in the senior section due to lack of info/photos.

     What are the requirements for senior portraits?

    We are pretty flexible with senior portraits. Photos may be head and shoulder shots or full-body shots, indoors or outdoors, color or black-and-white. "SELFIES" WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. The orientation must be portrait, NOT landscape, meaning the picture should be longer than it is wide.  We prefer to receive photos digitally, as it is the most reliable means of ensuring correct color and clarity. Make sure you send the original digital file, NOT a screenshot or "right-click" save of an image on a website.



    How long should my senior quote be?
    Please remember that senior quotes are intended to be short reflections. If your quote is too long or is inappropriate, you will be notified to edit the quote. Please submit your senior quote with the author's/speaker’s name listed.  

    Can I turn in my pics as digital images?

    YES! This is the preferred submission method! Digital photos must be saved as a .jpg or .jpeg file. Please make submissions via email to Mr. Bedard To turn in your pictures via email attachment, send a message to jbedard@ktufsd.org. Make the subject headline your name.

    What if I have pictures that are just pictures (taken from a childhood photo album, etc.)?

    That’s okay too! Simply put the pictures in an envelope labeled with your name on it, and give the envelope to Mr. Bedard in Room 203. The Spectrum staff will scan the pictures into the computer and deliver them back to you when finished.


    When is everything due?
    All pictures and quotes are due by the end of January 2024

    How do I order a yearbook?

    Please go to www.jostensyearbooks.com to order your yearbook online. The early bird special rate is lower than you will find all year; this price will go up as the year progresses. Order today to save!

    If you have any questions, please see Mr. Bedard in Room 203 or Room 263!

    Send all email inquiries, photos, quotes, etc. to