Ms. France

    U.S. History

    TEXT BOOK LINK           Review Calendar 2017

    Unit I Colonies to Revolution

    Lesson Topic                    Notes/Powerpoint                   HW/Due Dates

    9/6-9/9 Classroom Expectations      Syllabus/Signature    Due with supplies 9/12 


     Commemorating 9/11            9/11 Article             
                                                      9/11 Q's of the day            
    Know your smarts 9/8-9/12    Strength & Interest Survey      
                                                                            Analysis of Smarts         
                                                               Directions for Self Assessment        

     Unit 1 Vocabulary         9/13 Unit I VOCAB       Divider Flip Card
                                                                                                              Due 9/14

    9/14  Who Came To America          In the Beginning        Ticket out the door
                                                                               Notes                        $2 Summary

     9/15 Geography                   Geography NOTES       notes due 9/15
                                                     13 Colonies Map 



    9/16   Salutary Neglect/Mercantalism        Mercantilism PP    Cartoon Reading           
                                                        North & South   
                                                        Put the (E) and (S) on each 

     9/20 Unit 1 VOCABULARY                CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING
                                                    Envelop Matching               VOCAB QUIZ 9/23 

      9/21  Last of the Mohigans                Watch some excerpts from Movie
    French& Indian War  9/25-9/28             
                                   PMI 1/2 sheet=Ticket out the door collected for points

     Stamp Act 9/22- 9/28           Stamp Act Lesson w/documents
                                                           Finish Guided Reading Doc C.   

    Steps to Revolution 9/28-29      British Act/Colonist React       

                                                         British Act/Col. Resp Notesheet         

     Boston Massacre/Boston Tea Party 9/27      PP Directions Massacre/Tea Party
                                                                       Massacre/Tea Party Worksheet

    Loyalist or Patriot 9/27                  Loyalist Patriot Quiz        Calvin & Hobbs Cartoon
                                                                                                             Due 9/28

     Declaration of Independence    Lesson Directions         
      9/29-30                      Declaration of Indep.  
                                                             Question Sheets 

     UNIT I Test REVIEW 10/3               UNIT I Review Sheet          STUDY- UNIT TEST 10/9 
    UNIT TEST 10/4                                                   notebook pgs 1-17
    UNIT II Shaping a New Nation

     TOPIC                   Notes/Powerpoints                      HW/Due Dates

    10/6 Vocabulary               Unit 2 Shaping A Nation VOCAB            Due 10/12

                                                    w/pics or clue word 


    10/10  Articles of Confederation      Articles of Confederation   Finish Strengths/Weaknesses 10/12

    10/13   Shay's Rebellion Video          Shays's Rebellion Directions  

                                      Shays Questions


    UNIT I Test Corrections Due 10/13 
                                  Wrong answers 3x each in sentences 1pt back on score 

    10/14-10/13 Foundations of the Constitution  HOUSE PP

                                               Foundation Worksheet  EDPuzzle  Due 10/14       
                                                            DUE 10/16 

    10/16-18     Constitutional Convention Cartoon & Questions
           VOC QUIZ UNIT II

                             Constitutional Convention Directions           10/18     




    10/19-20 Convention Debates  Constitutional Compromises   
                                           Copy/Highlight Notes
    pg. #8
    PP Slides 19-23 
                                                               Due 10/23 

    10/23   Federalist/Anti-Federalist       Ratification Debate    

                                                    Bill of Rights
    10/24 Bill of Rights            Bill of Right Summarize     Complete the Limitation for each 
                                          Bill of Rights Venn Diagram                     Due 10/25    

    10/25 Federalism   Fred & Sally Federalism    Due onto note sheet
                                                    Highlight Key Concepts 10/26    

    10/26   3 Branch of Gov't          3 Branches PP
                                 3 Branches Notesheet
     Checks and Balances  Check & Balances Notes   
                            C&B Worksheet 

    10/30 Roles of the President       Roles of Pres/Electoral Col.       

    10/31   Electoral College       Electoral College Start Slide #6    Electoral Reading w/Q's 1-7

    11/1    Elastic Clause              Elastic Clause                  7 M/C Ticket out the door

    11/2-       Unit II Test Review                     Review Sheet                   20pts Due 11/13



    11/3  Unit II test        Habits of work Self Assessment     






    UNIT III Washington to Madison

    TOPIC                             NOTES/Powerpoints                   HW/Due Dates

     11/10/2015                Vocabulary UNIT III                            Flip Cards  Due 11/15




    President Washington         Washington Note Packet         Complete Note packet
                                                                      G. Washington PP             Using PP  Due 11/14

    11/15-16 Jefferson vs. Hamilton          Jefferson v. Hamilton PP 
                                                             Primary Documents 
    11/17 Washington's Farewell Address       


    11/18 11/19
     President  Adams          John Adams Notesheet        Due 11/17

                                                                   J. Adams PP   

     11/21   Midnight Judges             

     Marbury v. Madison Q's      Due 11/23

    11/22 Unit III Vocab Quiz


    11/28  President Jefferson       Jefferson       $2 Summary of Mv.M               

                                                            Jefferson PP                                                                    


    11/29 President Madison              Madison Notes             Study Unit Test 11/28 
           PBS War of 1812                Madison PP  
                  EDpuzzle due 12/1     

    11/30 Unit test Review                                              Unit 3 Review  Due   12/1                   


    Password Game             Clues/Review Sheet            


    12/1  Unit 3 Test- The Presidents            President Decisions Thematic       Due 12/2



    UNIT IV 1820- 1860 Causes of the Civil War 

    TOPIC                       NOTES/Powerpoints                         HW/Due Dates

    12/5 Vocabulary Flip Cards       Vocab Unit 4 due 12/9
    American System          American System DOCUMENTS
                                    Key Terms and Graphic Organizers
                                  Station Packet Doc                     Due 12/8

    Government Powers    
         Key Terms/ Graphic Organizers   Complete separate Grph.
                                         Gov't Power DOCUMENTS                        12/13

    Expansion      Key Terms/Graphic Organizer
                                                                            Complete Graphic Org.
                                 Expansion DOCUMENTS                 12/15
    Sectionalism          Key Terms/Graphic Organizer      Complete Graphic Org.
                                Sectionalism  Documents                  12/19

    Domestic Affairs         Key Terms/Graphic Organizer     Complete Graphic Org.
                                   Domestic Affairs DOCUMENTS        12/21

    Abolitionists                Station 6 Documents    
                                 Key Terms/Graphic Organizer  Graphic Org. 12/23

    1820-1860's Stations 12/05-12/23                      Edpuzzle All 6 due 12/23 
                                                     Station Activity Packet Check               Due 1/3                            

    Test Review                Jeopardy Game                          Unit Test 


    UNIT V Civil War & Reconstruction

     TOPIC                   NOTES/Powerpoints                 HW/Due Dates

    1/9  Vocab. for Civil War/Reconstruction      Reconstruction Vocab  Due by 1/13

    1/10 Events of Civil War               Civil War Notes-ONLY What is in Black                Due 1/16               

    1/13 Vocab Quiz/ Emancipation Proclamation                              

    1/17                         Reconstruction Movie Q's 
    1/18    Reconstruction       Reconstruction Timeline           Finish Worksheet Q's
                                                              Textbook Link                               Due 1/22

    1/19-1/20 Reaction to Reconstruction     Jim Crow Webquest        Complete by Due 1/24

                                                                      Website Link to Finish Jim Crow

    1/23 Plessy v. Ferguson      Read the case/ Ticket out the door Q's 1-4  due 2/1
                                                                Plessy v Ferguson LT   

    2/24 Review for Unit 5 test     Highlight Vocab terms/Plickers   EDpuzzle/Plessy 2/3

    2/25 Test                   Civil War- Reconstruction      Review Unit 1 worksheet
     UNIT VI Westward Expansion, Industrialization & Progressives

     TOPIC                          NOTES/Powerpoints             HW/Due Dates

    1/30 Vocabulary Unit 6      Vocabulary Unit 6                 Due 2/2
                            Review Book Unit 2 Part 1       Due 2/10

    1/31 Transformation of America  Station Packet  
          Cultures Clash Homework packet                      due 2/8 

    2/7 Populist                    Populist Party NotesNotes
    2/6  Immigration                   Immigration Project        Research Paper due 3/17
                                                           Visual  Presentation Due  4/6 or 4/7   

     2/6 Immigration             Who's Coming To America  
                                                    Immigration Research Paper

    Due 3/17      

                                                             Immigration NOTES Due 2/16 
    2/28 Age of Big Business  Jigsaw         3/6   Age of Big Business and Industry   Fill in your chart
    3/14  Regent's Review Unit 2 Part 2

    3/2-3/3          Muckrakers and Reformer Notes  Paper Work Cited 3/3
                             Gallery Walk Packet 
    use the person if you were absent Jane Addams Reading                                
                                 3 pg Immigration Research Paper
      Tuesday, March 17  

    3/6 Boss Tweed/Political Machines  Political Bosses        Review                                                            
    3/7 Plickers                       Unit Test Review                   Unit 3 Review Book Packet 3/14

    UNIT VII Age of Imperialism and War I
     TOPIC                                 NOTES/Powerpoints              Hw/Due Dates
    3/13    Imperialism Vocabulary Due 3/15           Imperialism Vocabulary 
    3/14   U.S.Imperialism        Copy Imperialism Notes  into notebook    Imperialism Notesheet        Due 3/16
                                                              Imperialism Map &Questions      
    3/20-3/21 Spanish American War            Cause of the Span Amer War  
    3/21  Domestic & Foreign Policies  Presidents McKinley, Roosevelt and Taft  
    3/22  Imperialism                   Imperialism Cartoon Analysis               
     3/23 US Expansion Essay                                                                        Due 3/27
                             World War One Vocabulary due March 29                                  
                               - Use text book Chapt 19 to complete  
    3/28 3/29 World War I Causes/Effects
     World War I Notesheet                        
    3/27 End of WWI/Wilson               End of WWI Notes          Due 3/30 
    3/30 - Schenck v. U.S Court Case  
    3/31  Imperialism/WWI Review Sheet   Unit 7 Review          Due 4/15

     Roaring 20's  
     4/5     Roaring 20's & Depressing 30's Vocabulary    Roaring 20's & Depressing 30's Vocabulary    
                    due 4/19
    4/4-4/6  Roaring 20's Packet                 Roaring 20's Answers     due 4/25
    4/18  America Struggles with Great Depression Packet         Due 4/28                                                                                                               

    4/24 Causes of the Great Depression      Causes of GD Notes        Due 4/26
    4/25 Vocab Quiz, Reading 1929     
    4/26 Great Depression            Depression Devastates                                                          
    4/27 FDR Presidency                Causes Of GD NOTES 
    4/28 New Deal Alphabet Soup Poster        New Poster Directions
                                                                                                         FDR/New Deal 
    5/9   20's and 30's Review                                                      20's and 30's Test Review                               Due 5/10

     UNIT VIII World War II 
     TOPIC                              NOTES/POWERPOINTS                         HW/Due Dates
    5/5  World War II vocabulary  World War II Vocabulary (updated) Due 5/9
    5/8  World War II- Rise of Dictators       WWII Overview  
    5/9  Role of Minorities on the Home Front  On the HOME FRONT     Complete Poster Chart Due 5/10    
    5/10-5/11 Japanese Internment   Korematsu Notes    
                                     Japanese Graphic Organizer                                                                                                              Japanese Internment Readings  
    5/15 VE & VJ Day                                      RB Unit 5 Due 5/16
    5/16Atomic Bomb 
    5/17 Review
    5/18 Vocab and MC QUIZ

    UNIT IX Cold War 
     TOPIC                  NOTES/POWERPOINTS           HW/Due Dates

     5/25                              Cold War Vocab                        Due 5/31
    5/25  Truman        Truman PP                                         
                                             Truman Movie                  
    5/26 Rosenberg Trial            Article Reading                  
    5/27 Eisenhower                 Eisenhower PP              Due 5/31       
    5/31 JFK                                    JFK PP                      
    6/1 Civil Rights                       Movie- A Time for Justice      M/C 26-50 Due 5/29
                                                 Civil Rights Leaders                                                 
                                             Civil Rights Timeline                
    6/2 LBJ                                        LBJ PP            People matching Review 6/2
    6/3 Vietnam Conflict                Vietnam PP           Supreme Court Review 6/3
    6/3  Nixon                            Nixon/Watergate PP  
    6/6 Ford                                   G.Ford PP                  
    6/6Carter                               J. Carter PP 
    6/7Reagan                        R. Reagan
    6/7 HW Bush                           George HW Bush
    6/8 Clinton                             William "Bill" Clinton
    G. W. Bush                             "W" 
    Due June 12th                  OBAMA

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