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70 Departing Staff Honored at 2024 Retiree Reception

On June 4th, we were proud to honor a total of 70 members of the Ken-Ton School District faculty and staff who will be retiring by the end of this school year at the annual Retiree Reception. These staff represent a combined 1,871 years of service to our students! Although we are saddened to be losing such outstanding members of our staff, we wish them the very best in the next chapter of their lives.

Please join us in thanking these individuals for their contributions and making a difference in the lives of our children. Retirees are as follows:

Susan Aitken – Holmes Elementary School
Patricia Auricchio – Holmes Elementary School
Brett Banker – Kenmore Jr/Sr High School
Kenneth Belote – Kenmore West High School
Kathy Bing – Transportation Department
Ronald Bordinaro – Edison Elementary School
Charlene Brown – Edison Elementary School
David Byer – Kenmore East High School
Joseph Carrubba – Franklin Middle School
Lisa Carver – Edison Elementary School
Russ Carver – Building & Grounds Department
Tina Cavese – Kenmore East High School
Teresa Crawford – Family Support Center
Cynthia Czaja – Edison Elementary School
Nicole Davis – Hoover Middle School
Pamela Davis – Hoover Elementary School
Kevin Day – Kenmore West High School
Amy Donn – Franklin Middle School
John Fatta – Kenmore East High School
Mary Lou Francoforte – Hoover Elementary School
Heather Geartz – Edison Elementary School
Maryann Giroux – Hoover Middle School
Jo Ann Groll – Kenmore West High School
Amy Beth Grosofsky – Lindbergh Elementary School
Theresa Hartzell – Edison Elementary School
Lisa Hasselback – Hoover Elementary School
Dawn Hawthorn – Hoover Elementary School
Cherylyn Hughes – Kenmore Jr/Sr High School
Diane Hyzy – Hoover Middle School
David King – Edison Elementary School
Michael Klemann – Transportation Department
Michael Kluge – Hoover Middle School
Cynthia Kowal – Kenmore West High School
Arlene Licata – Hoover Middle School
Andrew Lueth – Hoover Middle School
Carol Mancuso – Lindbergh Elementary School
Gary Mannix – Kenmore West High School
Todd Marquardt – Board of Education
Lisa Marsh – Kenmore West High School
Jeffrey Martin – Kenmore West High School
Patricia Massey – Franklin Middle School
Charlene Matos – Kenmore East High School
Jill Mattea – Franklin Elementary School
Laura McLean – Hoover Elementary School
Peter Miller – Building & Grounds Department
Cheryl Miller – Kenmore West High School
Mark Novak – Hoover Middle School
Robert O’Connor – Kenmore East High School
Veronica Parry – Lindbergh Elementary School
Deborah Peters – Lindbergh Elementary School
Patricia Phalen – Kenmore East High School
Sharon Platts – Kenmore East High School
Margaret Ptak – Kenmore East High School
Kevin Race – Kenmore West High School
Theresa Reilly – Hoover Elementary School
Catherine Reimers – Kenmore East/West High Schools
Deborah Reynolds – Edison Elementary School
James Rowe – Kenmore West High School
Deborah Rowland – Kenmore West High School
Susanmarie Rusinski – Hoover Middle School
Diane Schaefer – Holmes Elementary School
Amy Smith – Administration Building
Kathleen Taber – Kenmore East High School
Lisa Ventrice – Hoover Middle School
Michael Veronica – Franklin Elementary School
Lisa Wilkins – Edison Elementary School
Robert Wistner – Kenmore West High School
Katherine Wood – Hoover Middle School
Bruce Zeller – Administration Building
Patricia Ziolkowski – Hoover Elementary School