• Board of Education Policy Regarding Student Use of Computerized Information Resources
         The Board of Education of the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free District will provide access to various computerized information resources through the District's computer system. We are very pleased to bring this access to our district and believe it offers vast, diverse, and unique resources to both students and teachers. Our goal in providing this service to teachers and students is to promote educational excellence in schools by facilitating sharing, innovation, and communication.
         The District's computer system may include access to electronic mail, on-line services, and the Internet. It may also include the opportunity for some students to have independent access to District's computer system from their home or other remote locations. One purpose of this policy is to provide notice to students, parents, and guardians that, unlike most traditional instructional or library media materials, the District's computer system will allow student access to external computer networks not controlled by the school district where it is impossible for the District to screen or review all of the available materials. Some of the available materials may be deemed unsuitable by parents or guardians for student use of access because it is of little educational value or may contain defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, racially offensive, illegal, or adult-oriented material.
         We want to assure you that our Board of Education, Administration, and Staff do not condone the use of such materials and do not permit usage of such materials in the school environment. Every reasonable effort will made to monitor the usage of the District's computer system; but, despite the existence of guidelines, regulations, and monitoring, it will not be possible to completely prevent access to computerized information that is inappropriate for students.
         Furthermore, students may have the ability to access such information through the District's computer system from their home or other off-school premises. Parents and guardians of students must be willing to set and convey standards for appropriate and acceptable use to their children when using the District's computer system or any other electronic media or communications. The District respects the right of each family to decide whether or not to apply for independent computer access.
         Generally, the same standards of acceptable student conduct which apply to any school activity shall apply to the use of the District's computer system. Students who engage in unacceptable use will lose access to the District's computer system and may be subject to further discipline under the District's school conduct and discipline policy. In addition, some violations may constitute a criminal offense, and the District reserves the right to pursue legal action against a student who willfully, maliciously or unlawfully damages or destroys property of the District. Further, the District may bring suit in civil court against the parents or guardians of any student who willfully, maliciously or unlawfully damages or destroys District property pursuant to Education Law 1706(36).
         Student data files and other electronic storage areas will be treated like school lockers. This means that such areas shall e considered to be school district property subject to control and inspection. The System Administrator may access all such files and communications to insure system integrity and that users are complying with the requirements to this policy.
         The Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District makes no warranties of any kind whether expressed or implied, for the service it is providing. Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda union Free School District specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through its services.
         Student use of the District's computer system is conditioned upon written agreement by the student and his/her parents or guardians that student use of the District's computer system will conform to the requirements of this policy and any regulations adopted to insure acceptable use of the District's computer system.
         The Superintendent is authorized to establish regulations and procedures necessary to implement the term of this policy.