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Peace Activist Spreads Free Hugs Message to Students

 Peace activist Ken Nwadike Jr. speaks to students at Kenmore West

The Ken-Ton School District was excited to welcome Ken Nwadike Jr. to Kenmore West and East on Wednesday afternoon as part of the Free Hugs Project.

Nwadike is a peace activist and video journalist known nationally as the "Free Hugs Guy." He launched the Free Hugs Project in 2014 to spread love in response to the bombing of the Boston Marathon. Since then, his efforts have expanded across the U.S. and his ‘Free Hugs’ videos have
reached hundreds of millions of views on Facebook and YouTube. Nwadike has also made many
appearances on news programs and radio broadcasts worldwide, including CNN, USA Today,
Good Morning Britain, and BBC News.  

Ken Nwadike Jr. hugs Kenmore West student after assembly

He held a presentation at Kenmore West on Wednesday morning, followed by a presentation at Kenmore East. After his speech, he answered questions from students in the audience and stayed to take pictures and engage in important conversations.

"In these times, we see a great need to build strong relationships with our students in order for
them to feel safe and ready to learn,” said KTUFSD Superintendent Sabatino Cimato. “We are
extremely excited to partner with the Town of Tonawanda Youth, Parks & Recreation
Department to bring Mr. Nwadike to Ken-Ton. His motivational and inspirational message can
benefit students and community members alike."

Ken Nwadike Jr. takes a selfie with Kenmore West staff

On Wednesday evening, Nwadike will hold one more presentation at Franklin Middle for members of the community. The event is made possible thanks to support from the Town of Tonawanda Parks & Rec Department, Ken-Ton Closet, Ken-Ton Friends of Youth Foundation, Kenmore West HSA, and Kenmore East PTSA.

Ken Nwadike Jr. poses with Kenmore West staff

Ken Nwadike Jr. takes a selfie with Kenmore West students

Ken Nwadike Jr. speaks with students after assembly