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Ken-Ton Art Department Puts Fun Spin on March Madness

wall bracket of Art Madness pieces
The month of March is known as "March Madness" with the always anticipated NCAA Tournaments taking place each year. At Ken-Ton, the Art Department is putting a fun spin on March Madness by creating something called "Art Madness"!
The Art Department at Kenmore East has created an Art "bracket" in the Library featuring pieces done by famous artists, both contemporary and historic. The bracket has 16 total pieces and each Wednesday, those interested can vote for their favorite piece using this link. There's a link to vote for your favorite while QR codes are displayed next to each piece so students can easily vote using their phones.
"It's a great way for people to learn a bit of art history & aesthetics," Kenmore East Art Department chair Denise Carr said. "It spurs really interesting conversations.