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Kenmore East Wilderness Club Goes on Owl Prowl Night Hike

Students pose in the woods

On Friday, January 13th, the Kenmore East High School Wilderness Club went on an owl prowl night hike with Buffalo Audubon Society naturalist Tom Kerr at the Audubon Society's nature preserve in North Tonawanda.

The group, consisting of eight Kenmore East students and one Big Picture student, had fantastic luck spotting screech owls! Screech owls are actually fairly common in our region but are incredibly elusive. They only stand about 8-10" tall and have very quiet voices. With screech owls, if you can hear one, you are close enough to see it, if you can spot it.

owl in a tree

"We spotted a male/female pair of owls who spent a good deal of time perching and moving around us, giving us ample opportunity to view them from a number of different angles," said Wilderness Club advisor Alex Sowyrda. "It was quite a magical experience to see a pair together and get to spend as much time viewing as we did. A great time was had by all!"